Favorite Games List – Nintendo 64

The Favorite Games List was a recurring feature originally published on Trevor Trove. This installment originally debuted on January 23-25, 2016 Welcome back to another installment of my Favorite Games series, where I have been highlighting some of my all-time favorite games, console by console. We last left off on a three-part installment of my favorite gamesContinue reading “Favorite Games List – Nintendo 64”

Looking Back at my Worst of 2014 List

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 24, 2015 Similar to yesterday’s post reflecting on my favorite games of 2014 and if or how those opinions changed in the year since, I thought I’d tackle my least favorite games of 2014 with the same approach. Republishing what I wrote last year with 2015 commentarty added for good measure.Continue reading “Looking Back at my Worst of 2014 List”

Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Well when I took a sick day from work, I figured I’d be spending a lot more time lying around on the couch, playing some more Fallout 4. But that didn’t happen so much as there was some house cleaning and lunch with my sister. Then a mid-afternoon nap that just happened to coincide with what I thought was going to be a somewhat light Nintendo Direct that I would just read a synopsis of later. Then I woke up to Cloud Strife being announced for Super Smash Bros…