More Tears of the Kingdom Thoughts (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 174)

Trevor and Cameron took last week off because they’ve just been too busy playing through Tears of the Kingdom. Here are their updated thoughts two weeks in.

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Cameron discusses his time so far with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, while Trevor has been racing through the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters.

Cameron Plays Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Our ongoing series of Cameron playing through Jedi: Fallen Order will resume Wednesday but in our timeline, he has beaten that game so he hopped in to check out the beginning of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and see how Cal is doing in the new game.

Our Most Anticipated Games of 2023 (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 160)

Trevor and Cam sit down and look through the Game Informer 2023 release dates list to discuss their most anticipated games of the year ahead.