Goldfinger Review

You can enjoy our That Bond Show about Goldfinger here. When, over 50 years after your movie is released, it remains the template and bar by which everything within the series is judged, it’s perhaps fair to call it a classic. Few films have earned that title more or seen the repercussions of its classicContinue reading “Goldfinger Review”

Super Time Force Ultra Review

TL;DR(eview) – Super Time Force Ultra is an enjoyable and highly inventive addition to the shoot ’em up genre. A wide array of characters allows for an abundance of replayability through the game’s levels, even if those levels are somewhat limited in number.

My Introduction to Metal Gear Solid

TL;DR(eview-In-Progress): Incredible gameplay and mechanics allow for exciting and tense stealth action and/or firefights, without too much of the (in)famously complex and crazy narrative to drive away newcomers to the franchise.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

TL;DR(eview) – Mega Man is as glitchy as it was on the NES by design to preserve the feel of those games. A love letter to fans of the series that could easily frustrate newcomers and veterans alike, as modern gaming has become much more likely to hold your hand.