Our Scariest Gaming Moments (That News You Care About Ep. 54)

In honor of Resident Evil Village, Logan and Trevor reflect on some of their scary gaming memories, featuring games like Bioshock, Resident Evil, PT, and…Gone Home.

Logan Wilkinson’s Games of the Year List 2011-2020

Logan revisits a decades-worth of Games of the Year.

That Nerdy Site Game Awards 2019: Genre Awards Day Two

Day Two of That Nerdy Site’s 2019 Game Awards continues with the awards for That Action-Adventure Game, That Fighting Game, That Role-Playing Game, That Strategy Game, and That Remaster or Remake.

Notable 2019 Games Trevor Didn’t Consider for Best of Lists

Trevor highlights ten big games in 2019 that he didn’t get to for Game of the Year lists.

Jedi: Fallen Order Spoilers and Resident Evil 2 Remake (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 8)

On this week’s episode Trevor and Frank discuss the Resident Evil 2 Remake and spoilers for Jedi: Fallen Order now that Frank has obtained the Platinum Trophy for the game.