PlayStation Experience 2015 Round-up

When I attended the 2015 PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco, I detailed my daily experiences, the games played, and the panels attended over the course of several posts between December 6 and 9 All PSX 2015 posts have been combined herein. PlayStation Experience – Day Zero PlayStation Experience starts tomorrow. But a whole bunchContinue reading “PlayStation Experience 2015 Round-up”

Game Awards and PlayStation Experience Predictions

Originally published on Trevor Trove on November 30, 2015 As #TrevorTrovember  (my project to write an entry a day on my site here during the month of November) comes to a close, I wanted to do something special. So in addition to the written content I usually produce, I put together a video version of this article as well.Continue reading “Game Awards and PlayStation Experience Predictions”

PlayStation Experience Games for Me

Originally published on Trevor Trove on November 24, 2015 The PlayStation Experience is about a week and a half away and the excitement is rising. IGN released tickets to their December First Friday tour last night and I snatched one up before I even realized I would be landing as the tour started. Fortunately, IContinue reading “PlayStation Experience Games for Me”

How PlayStation Experience Changed My Life

In July 2014, I started what I considered to be my first really “adult” job. I’d been a salaried employee for a couple companies in the years prior but they were entry-level positions (or at least entry-level pay). This new job doubled my salary so I found myself with far more disposable income than I was accustomed to spending.