2020 in Gaming News (That News You Care About Ep. 35)

To wrap up 2020, Logan and Trevor sit down with a look back on some of the biggest stories in gaming during the nightmare year that was 2020.

Favorite Video Games – PlayStation

The Favorite Games List was a recurring feature originally published on Trevor Trove. This installment originally debuted on January 10-11, 2016 Part One Now that we’re entering the realm of PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and beyond, I think I’m going to occasionally break these up into multi-part posts. I probably could have done this with SuperContinue reading “Favorite Video Games – PlayStation”

Kojima, Konami, and 2015’s Most Interesting Story in Gaming

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 16, 2015 Having never been a Metal Gear Solid fan until the latest game (and I don’t know that I would even now consider myself a fan of the series so much as that singular entry), I never thought I would be as fascinated as I have been with theContinue reading “Kojima, Konami, and 2015’s Most Interesting Story in Gaming”