Our Favorite Video Game Characters (That News You Care About Ep. 98)

In the lead-up to our 100th episode in a couple weeks, Logan and Trevor are reflecting on some of their all-time favorites lists. This week, they discuss their favorite video game characters.

Trevor Starkey’s Top 20 Games of 2021

Trevor Starkey presents his top 20-ish games of 2021.

Trevor Starkey Ranks His 2021 Platinum Trophies

Trevor ranks all of his 2021 Platinum trophies.

That Nerdy Site’s Best Games of 2021

2021 was a great year with a wonderfully diverse set of standout video games. Here are That Nerdy Site’s favorites.

That 2021 Game of the Year Show (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 112)

Trevor, Logan, Cam, and Frank sit down for a look back at their top games of 2021 and determine That Nerdy Site’s 2021 Game of the Year.

Last Minute Game of the Year Contenders (That News You Care About Ep. 83)

With December now upon us, Logan and Trevor discuss the games they still want to squeeze in this month before Game of the Year conversations.

Trevor Plays Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelengths DLC (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Trevor was surprised when the Wavelengths DLC for one of his favorite games of the year – Life is Strange: True Colors – released so soon after the original game so he hopped in to play the opening bit of the DLC for today’s That Nerdy Site Plays.

New World and Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelengths DLC (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 99)

Cameron finished Deathloop and has been playing New World, while Trevor played Chicory: A Colorful Tale and the Life is Strange: True Colors Wavelengths DLC. They also give an update on Trevor’s Final Fantasy XIV journey now that he’s made it to Stormblood.