Kingdom Hearts 4 Reactions (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 125)

Today Frank is joined by Cameron and special guests Christian Puente and Brandon Gann to discuss their reactions to the recent Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary announcements, as well as discuss their general love of the series and speculate on its future.

Favorite Disney Games (That News You Care About Ep. 97)

Logan is out sick this week so Trevor decided to add to the theme of this week’s other content by discussing some of his favorite Disney games.

Kingdom Hearts Union X with PixelBrave (That Conversational Podcast Ep. 5)

Our irregularly-scheduled podcast is back for an episode dedicated to the revelations of the recent Kingdom Hearts Union X finale. Join Cameron as he sits down with former Nerd and Kingdom Hearts mega-fan Christian Puente aka PixelBrave to discuss the series and theories.

That Ultimate Video Game List Show Season 2 Ranking #5-1

We’ve reached the end of Season Two with five RPGs duking it out for the top spot. Which one will take the crown to be named the best game of all time and join 2018’s God of War from Season One in retirement?