Our Favorite Games of All Time (That News You Care About Ep. 100)

To celebrate 100 episodes of That News You Care About, Logan and Trevor run down some of their all-time favorite video games.

Our Favorite Video Game Characters (That News You Care About Ep. 98)

In the lead-up to our 100th episode in a couple weeks, Logan and Trevor are reflecting on some of their all-time favorites lists. This week, they discuss their favorite video game characters.

Logan Wilkinson’s Games of the Year List 2011-2020

Logan revisits a decades-worth of Games of the Year.

GOTY 2017: Trevor Starkey’s Top Ten Games of 2017

Originally published on Trevor Trove on January 1, 2018 Happy New Year! With 2017 officially in the bag, the time has come to celebrate the best of the best in gaming for the year (at least of the things I played). A real quick recap of everything else I’ve published in the last week orContinue reading “GOTY 2017: Trevor Starkey’s Top Ten Games of 2017”