Top Ten Revisited Games in 2016

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 29, 2016 Way back at the beginning of the year, I started keeping track of everything I played this year in an Excel spreadsheet (because nerd). I tracked the game, what system I played it on, if I 100%-ed the game or got the Platinum Trophy, jotted downContinue reading “Top Ten Revisited Games in 2016”

Best of 2015 Revisited

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 27, 2016 Yesterday, I gave my updated takes on 2015’s biggest problem children. So let’s review what I thought of its best honor students (I’m so glad I’ve been out of school for half a decade). 10. Batman Arkham Knight What I said then: People were playing and beating Arkham Knight aContinue reading “Best of 2015 Revisited”

Gaming Christmas Haul

Originally published on Trevor Trove on January 1, 2016 This post is a bit of a follow-up to the one I wrote last week about notable Christmas Gaming Memories. Because Catherine and I spent Christmas in Seattle with her family, we actually had several mini-Christmas celebrations, finishing today. December 22 – The night before Cat andContinue reading “Gaming Christmas Haul”

Trevor Trove 2015 Game of the Year: #5 – #1

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 30, 2015 The time has come. A couple of days ago, I wrote about the first half of my top ten games of 2015. Yesterday, I threw in some commentary on the five worst games I played in 2015. So now it’s time to tackle games #5 through #1 in the TrevorContinue reading “Trevor Trove 2015 Game of the Year: #5 – #1”

Trevor Trove’s Worst Games of 2015

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 29, 2015 I started my top 10 list of 2015 yesterday with games #10 through #6. Before I continue with my top five tomorrow, I wanted to go through my five worst games of 2015. This was actually a somewhat harder list to fully populate this year because I did aContinue reading “Trevor Trove’s Worst Games of 2015”

Fallout 4 Review

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 15, 2015 TL;DR(eview) – Fallout 4 is more Fallout 3, with some much-appreciated improvements to core systems like gunplay. This meant it was pretty much exactly what I was hoping for when it was announced but your mileage may vary depending on your relationship with the Fallout universe and Besthesda’s open-world game design. Welcome Home InContinue reading “Fallout 4 Review”

November Gaming Sales Numbers

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 10, 2015 As a nerdy, analytical video games enthusiast, some of my (weirdly) favorite days every month are the days when PlayStation reveals their monthly charts of which games sold best on the PlayStation Network and when the NPD Group releases the monthly list of top-selling physical copiesContinue reading “November Gaming Sales Numbers”

Blacklisting in Games Media

Originally published on Trevor Trove on November 20, 2015 Imagine it’s November 2013 and you receive scripts from a casting call that you are confident reflect the script of the long-rumored Fallout 4. What do you do with that information? Earlier today, Stephen Totilo of Kotaku posted a piece announcing that they have been blacklisted by BethesdaContinue reading “Blacklisting in Games Media”

Fallout 4 Limited Edition Loot Crate

On September 23, 2015, I, alongside many others, rushed into the Loot Crate Vault to try and nab one of the Limited Edition Fallout-themed Loot Crates. After multiple attempts receiving errors on their page despite my credit card showing the pending charge, I thought “oh crap, I only wanted the one. I hope I didn’t just get charged six or seven times.” So I opened a help ticket to try and find out A) if I actually managed to nab one and B) if all of the additional charges could be reversed.