Best Games of 2016: The Final List

Originally published on Trevor Trove on January 2, 2017 Well here we are. My best of the best for 2016… To recap: Worst of 2015 Revisited Best of 2015 Revisited The Games You Won’t See on My GOTY Lists Top Ten Revisited Games in 2016 Top Ten Non-2016 Games That I Didn’t Get Around toContinue reading “Best Games of 2016: The Final List”

Doom Review (Single-Player Only)

Originally published on Trevor Trove on July 11, 2016 TL; DR(eview) – Doom is an action-packed throwback to an older generation of first-person shooters, but it is also acutely aware that it is a first-person shooter in 2016. Leveling up and customization elements help expand on the tried-and-true run-and-gun formula of the original games. While the originalContinue reading “Doom Review (Single-Player Only)”

Favorite Games List – Middle PC

The Favorite Games List was a recurring feature originally published on Trevor Trove. This installment originally debuted on January 3, 2016 Waaaaaaay back in September I touched upon what I defined as my list of Favorite Games from the Early PC Years (pretty much anything I remember from a floppy disk). And I haven’t touched this series in aContinue reading “Favorite Games List – Middle PC”