Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (That D+ Show Ep. 36)

On this week’s episode, Trevor and Logan sit down to discuss the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead Man’s Chest. And no, you didn’t somehow miss an episode where we discussed The Curse of the Black Pearl. We just started with the second one because why not?

Hamilton – Jazz Foster (That D+ Show Ep. 32)

Episode six of That Hamilcast welcomes That Nerdy Site’s own Jazz Foster to the show to share her love of Hamilton and its theatricality while also wishing it was a bit better about how it handles its female characters.

Hamilton – Joseph “Mr. Bad Bit” Moran (That D+ Show Ep. 31)

Episode five of That Hamilcast welcomes Joseph Moran from The Trophy Room podcast back to That D+ Show. Joe shares his newfound love for the show, the importance of representation, and his appreciation of the production’s portrayal of George Washington.

Hamilton – Josh Brown (That D+ Show Ep. 30)

Episode four of That Hamilcast welcomes Josh Brown from The Castle Vault podcast, another Disney Plus-centric show. Josh discusses coming to the show knowing nothing, falling in love with it, and finding the Hamilton Mixtape companion album.

Hamilton – Cameron Hawkins (That D+ Show Ep. 29)

Episode three of That Hamilcast welcomes Cameron Hawkins from DualShockers. Cameron walked into Hamilton mostly blind to the show and fell immediately down the rabbit hole with it, watching it 8 times in the first week on Disney Plus.