Other 2022 Favorites (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 157)

Trevor and Cameron discuss some of their favorite non-video games and movies from 2022, including favorite television shows, actual play, real world events, and YouTube stuff.

Overwatch 2 and A Court of Fey and Flowers (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 145)

On this week’s show, Cameron expounds about Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury and Overwatch 2 and Cam and Trevor gush about the latest Dimension 20 season “A Court of Fey and Flowers.”

Tabletop RPGs (October 2021 Patreon Early Access That Nerdy Site Show)

Trevor recently became very interested in tabletop RPGs as he watches the Fantasy High campaign from Dimension 20 so he sat down with Cameron to get his thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons and the like.