Top Ten Revisited Games in 2016

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 29, 2016 Way back at the beginning of the year, I started keeping track of everything I played this year in an Excel spreadsheet (because nerd). I tracked the game, what system I played it on, if I 100%-ed the game or got the Platinum Trophy, jotted downContinue reading “Top Ten Revisited Games in 2016”

The Games That Helped Me Through Heartbreak

Originally published on Trevor Trove on February 22, 2016 A little over a month ago, my world was thrown for a loop when my girlfriend sat me down to tell me she wanted to break up. It completely blind-sided me and took its toll on me emotionally. Because we were living together, it affected otherContinue reading “The Games That Helped Me Through Heartbreak”

Dark Cloud Review

Originally published on Trevor Trove on February 15, 2016 TL; DR(eview) – Combining action-RPG dungeon-crawling with a world-building sim, Dark Cloud effectively presents a nice change of pace from your standard dungeon crawler, if you can look past the PlayStation 2-isms like bad localization and camera controls. I don’t remember what first drove me to buy DarkContinue reading “Dark Cloud Review”

Favorite Games List – PlayStation 2

The Favorite Games List was a recurring feature originally published on Trevor Trove. This installment originally debuted on February 8-12, 2016 Part One Welcome to PlayStation 2 week of my Favorite Games List. Over the past few months I’ve been highlighting some of my all-time favorite games on a console by console basis. With the PS2, weContinue reading “Favorite Games List – PlayStation 2”