Summer Game Fest 2022 and Xbox Bethesda Predictions (That News You Care About Ep. 108)

Logan is out on vacation this week so instead, Trevor and Cameron sit down for a good old fashioned Portillo’s Bet predictions episode as they make their guesses for what we’ll see at this week’s Summer Game Fest and Xbox Bethesda Showcases.

2020 in Gaming News (That News You Care About Ep. 35)

To wrap up 2020, Logan and Trevor sit down with a look back on some of the biggest stories in gaming during the nightmare year that was 2020.

Bethesda vs. the Pre-Release Review

Originally published on Trevor Trove on October 25, 2016 I have to hand it to the Public Relations team at Bethesda: they are getting really good at brazenly announcing news on their blog that makes them look like the saints, even when they’re piling on a load of shit. A month and a half ago,Continue reading “Bethesda vs. the Pre-Release Review”

Blacklisting in Games Media

Originally published on Trevor Trove on November 20, 2015 Imagine it’s November 2013 and you receive scripts from a casting call that you are confident reflect the script of the long-rumored Fallout 4. What do you do with that information? Earlier today, Stephen Totilo of Kotaku posted a piece announcing that they have been blacklisted by BethesdaContinue reading “Blacklisting in Games Media”