Podcasts and Shows

Current Line-up

That Nerdy Site Show – A weekly podcast where the cast of That Nerdy Site get together to share their lives and all the nerdy things they love. New episodes each Monday. Patrons get one-month early access to a bonus episode each month.

That News You Care About – a weekly podcast where Logan Wilkinson and guests discuss the biggest stories, themes, and conversations around video games and video games culture. A podcast about video games and the people who play them. New episodes each Wednesday.

That D+ Show – a weekly podcast centered around Disney Plus. Join us as we discuss well-known and obscure offerings from the service. New episodes each Friday.

That Conversational Podcast – an irregularly-scheduled podcast from That Nerdy Site that invites guests on to have big conversations about the big topics that are special to them.

That Ultimate Video Game List Show – A seasonal weekly podcast. Each season brings together a panel of guests to create the Ultimate Top 20 Video Games list, with only one game per franchise and only one game per console. Currently on hiatus.

That Twitchy Show – Streaming throughout the week at twitch.tv/thatnerdysite. Follow to be notified when we go live. Currently inactive and retooling.

Past Shows

That Wannabe Film Class – Former That Nerdy Site hosts Ben Bellevue and Chloe Naylor identify a theme and then take turns each week selecting movies within that theme for the team to discuss, with guests occasionally joining in to share their movie selections.

That Anime Pod – a bi-weekly seasonal anime recap show, hosted by former That Nerdy Site resident expert Christian Puente aka PixelBrave.

Dependent on Patreon funding goals

That Wrestling Show – a monthly show released before and after Pay-Per-View events, with the possibility of live watch-alongs. Trevor Starkey and Cameron Abbott will reignite their Portillo’s Wrestling Predictions Championship feud by discussing the ongoing storylines of WWE, NXT, and AEW and determining who can correctly predict the most match results for the honor of holding the That Nerdy Site Championship Belt.

That Nostalgia Show – Each month, Frank Bozzani and friends will dive into the past to discuss their nostalgic love of a game, movie, tv show, children’s toy, or anything else really.

That Comic Book Show – a monthly book club, but with more pictures. Join Trevor Starkey and guests as they explore comics and graphic novels.

That Personal Video Game History Show – a bi-weekly podcast to get to know the nerdy gaming history of our ever-growing community of friends. Frank Bozzani will explore their favorite games; from heartfelt memories to rage quits stories, and everything in between.

That Movie Franchise Ranking Show – a seasonal weekly podcast that’s our take on the podcast format where we pick a popular movie franchise and rank each installment, week by week.

That Twitchy Show – Torture Edition – each week, Trevor Starkey (and potentially other Nerds) will convert one of the Twitch streams into a dedicated stream to play through the games they loathe.

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