Mad Max Fury Road: Movies of the 2010s (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 6)

In this episode of Film Class Logan makes history by, for the first time, choosing a movie he hadn’t even seen. Along the way we talk Oscar’s, the eclectic catalog of George Miller, and Ben throws a bunch of new segment ideas at the wall to see what sticks.

National Treasure: Movies of the 2000s (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 3)

With Logan gone for the week, Ben and Chloe sit down for a one-on-one conversation about hit Disney film National Treasure. Along the way, they also talk about Uncharted movie casting, Chloe’s upcoming London trip, and the sheer idea of being a billionaire.

That Wannabe Film Class: Introduction

Welcome to the podcast feed for That Wannabe Film Class. Each month, Ben, Chloe, and Logan focus on a topic (genre, time period, “features robots,” etc.). Each week, they take turns selecting a movie to watch and discuss that fits the monthly theme, with a guest host coming onto the show for the last episode(s)Continue reading “That Wannabe Film Class: Introduction”