Some Like It Hot: RomCom Movies (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 15)

This week, we’re coming in hot (we hear that’s how some like it) with Billy Wilder’s award-winning classic. Ben and Chloe sit down to talk about how this early romantic comedy has held up, the state of Hollywood in the 50s, and this all-star cast. At least, that’s the plan when they’re not getting distracted by Birds of Prey, the Arrowverse, and the Oscars.

Crazy Rich Asians: RomCom Movies (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 14)

Back from a lost Oscars episode, the gang gathers to talk about the first of our RomCom month: Crazy Rich Asians. We discuss the romcom genre as a whole, how the movie fares within the genre, its place regarding representation, and (of course) how ridiculously pretty the whole cast is.

2020 Oscars Bonus Class (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 13)

After an audio problem caused the crew’s original Oscars recording to be lost, Ben has rallied to talk about the Oscars by himself for 50 minutes. Hear his takes on the many categories, hear about some of Logan’s takes from the lost episode, and learn what Chloe nominated for the Chloscars: her own awards with her own categories based on the entire past decade – all retold by Ben cause that’s where we are.

Mystery Men: Superhero Movies (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 12)

This week, Jazz Foster introduces Ben and Chloe to 1999’s Mystery Men – the comedy poking fun at tropes long before Deadpool was on the Hollywood scene. The crew examine how the movie tries but stumbles with its representation, the wild comic the movie’s based on, the Smash Mouth Cinematic Universe, and much more!

Iron Man 3: Superhero Movies (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 11)

Logan returns to talk his pick for Superhero month: Iron Man 3. The gang discusses how Tony’s arc connects with the MCU going forward and debate the effectiveness of the Mandarin twist. Along the way, we find out which Mandarin is sexier and discuss feelings on the MCU as a whole.

Wonder Woman: Superhero Movies (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 10)

This week on That Wannabe Film Class, Ben and Chloe dive into 2017’s Wonder Woman. They talk about its place in the superhero landscape, the DCEU as a whole, the rise of Patty Jenkins, the history of the character, and much more! (They may also insult god and discuss bondage. So, you know… we’re really all over the place.)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Movies of the 2010s (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 8)

In our first guest episode, the crew is joined by That Nerdy Site Founder Trevor Starkey for a deep dive into last year’s hit Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll rank the Chrises, and we’ll be sidetracked by Star Wars but we promise it’s spoiler free!

Paddington 2: Movies of the 2010s (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 7)

This week in Film Class, Ben and Chloe sit down to finally get a recording of Ben’s thoughts on the movie he won’t shut up about. And somehow, along the way, we drag the conversation into musing on Star Wars, musicals, and Letterboxd. That’s right, this is a VERY Ben episode. Strap in.