Cam on Cam: That Definitive Hamilton Song Tier List (That Conversational Podcast Ep. 3)

On this VERY special episode of That Conversational Podcast, the Good Reverend Cameron Abbott is joined by Cameron Hawkins, formerly of Dual Shockers, to create a “definitive” tier list of the soundtrack from the Broadway smash hit Hamilton!

One Piece w/ Ian Preschel (That Conversational Podcast Ep. 1)

A new show from That Nerdy Site, That Conversational Podcast is a show dedicated single subject matter conversations. This episode’s guest is Ian Preschel, Host of A+ Anime and it’s sister show, Piece By Piece. The subject is One Piece, an ongoing 23 year long chronicle of the odyssey of pirate Monkey D. Luffy by Eiichiro Oda.