Trevor Plays Tears of the Kingdom – Checking In On Kakariko Village (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Before heading off to Rito Village, Trevor decides to retrace his footsteps from Breath of the Wild and return to Kakariko Village to see that has changed there since the Upheaval.

Trevor Plays Tears of the Kingdom – The Glider and the Depths (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Now that Trevor is stocked up with amiibo rewards, he finally unlocks the Paraglider in this episode and also embarks into the Depths below Hyrule for the first time.

Trevor Plays The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Fun with Amiibo (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Now that he’s back down on solid ground, Trevor takes a page out of his Breath of the Wild playbook and picks up a lot of gear and goodies by seeing what all of the Legend of Zelda amiibo have in store for him in this game.

Trevor Plays The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Great Sky Island (That Nerdy Site Plays)

After replaying Breath of the Wild for the last few months, Trevor dives in to the opening hours of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Trevor Replays Breath of the Wild – Let’s Destroy Ganon (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Ahead of this week’s Tears of the Kingdom release, Trevor is finally ready to take the fight to Hyrule Castle and Destroy Ganon.

Cameron Plays Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Gladiator but make it Star Wars (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Easy, Peazy, Greezy Baby. Our favorite tracksuit-wearing alien with more gambling debts than your uncle from Jersey just got Cal and Cameron into a fight for their lives. Also, more wookies!!!

Trevor and Cameron Play Elden Ring – Funk the Fire Giant (That Nerdy Site Plays)

Well after taking out the last few bosses on their first attempt, the Fire Giant brings that all to a halt on this week’s episode. But at least Cam and Trevor spend 10 minutes walking across an invisible bridge.