Favorite Games List – Early PC

Some of my favorite video games articles are when people breakdown all of their favorite games. A gamer as long as I can remember, it always gets me thinking about my favorite games and how I’d never really quantified/categorized them in that manner. In high school, we were tasked to write about a collection of ours and I wrote about (and was mildly ridiculed for) my video game collection. But even that was more focused on what my collection of video games said about me as a person. For example, I argued that video games were, in part, responsible for my intelligence and problem solving skills as I grew up playing more on strategy games or role-playing games than first-person shooters. It has been nice to see these thoughts validated in the years since through numerous studies about the positive effects video games have on a variety of faculties.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

TL;DR(eview) – Mega Man is as glitchy as it was on the NES by design to preserve the feel of those games. A love letter to fans of the series that could easily frustrate newcomers and veterans alike, as modern gaming has become much more likely to hold your hand.

How PlayStation Experience Changed My Life

In July 2014, I started what I considered to be my first really “adult” job. I’d been a salaried employee for a couple companies in the years prior but they were entry-level positions (or at least entry-level pay). This new job doubled my salary so I found myself with far more disposable income than I was accustomed to spending.