Paddington 2: Movies of the 2010s (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 7)

This week in Film Class, Ben and Chloe sit down to finally get a recording of Ben’s thoughts on the movie he won’t shut up about. And somehow, along the way, we drag the conversation into musing on Star Wars, musicals, and Letterboxd. That’s right, this is a VERY Ben episode. Strap in.

Google Stadia Impressions, Disco Elysium, and The Irishman (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 7)

On this week’s episode, Trevor, Cameron, and Christian discuss Google Stadia, Disco Elysium, The Irishman, Pokemon Sword/Shield, some of Christian’s anime shows, and Afterparty.

Mad Max Fury Road: Movies of the 2010s (That Wannabe Film Class Ep. 6)

In this episode of Film Class Logan makes history by, for the first time, choosing a movie he hadn’t even seen. Along the way we talk Oscar’s, the eclectic catalog of George Miller, and Ben throws a bunch of new segment ideas at the wall to see what sticks.

Frozen 2, Baby Yoda, and Trevor’s San Francisco Trip (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 5)

On this week’s episode of That Nerdy Site Show, Trevor, Cam, and Frank sit down to discuss Frozen 2, Baby Yoda vs. Porgs, and Trevor’s trip to San Francisco.