Does WB Games Want Us to Play Hogwarts Legacy? (That News You Care About Ep. 43)

With the revelation that a Lead Designer on Hogwarts Legacy has a problematic YouTube history, Logan and Trevor discuss WB Games’ continued indifference to the controversies surrounding the game.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (That Nerdy Site Show Ep. 68)

Trevor sits down for another short solo episode while the rest of the team recovers from the Texas weather and power outages to discuss his thoughts on Netflix’s To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

Trevor Plays the Project Triangle Strategy Debut Demo (That Nerdy Site Plays)

The most exciting reveal from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was the announcement of a follow-up from the team behind Octopath Traveler with some serious Final Fantasy Tactics vibes. Unfortunately it won’t be out until 2022 but Square Enix did release a demo for it so Trevor sat down with the first hour.

Six Days in Fallujah is INHERENTLY Political (That News You Care About Ep. 42)

With Logan unavailable (but safe) in the Texas power outages, Trevor responds to the revival of the previously cancelled Six Days in Fallujah and the absurd notion that its developers don’t want it to be a “political commentary.”

Cam on Cam: That Definitive Hamilton Song Tier List (That Conversational Podcast Ep. 3)

On this VERY special episode of That Conversational Podcast, the Good Reverend Cameron Abbott is joined by Cameron Hawkins, formerly of Dual Shockers, to create a “definitive” tier list of the soundtrack from the Broadway smash hit Hamilton!