About the Nerds

That Nerdy Site is a home for podcasts, written, and video content about all of the things we’re nerdy for: video games, movies, television, anime, wrestling, liquor, the list goes on.

Stay nerdy and be good to each other!

Trevor Starkey

Founder, That Business Guy

“It’s dangerous to go alone.” Trevor learned that the hard way after repeatedly burning out in his previous endeavor Trevor Trove. So he’s trying this again with a little help from his friends.

Nerdy about: Games, Theatre


Cameron Abbott

That Social Media Guy

Founder of the Knotty Gamers Network and a regular contributor to Handsome Phantom.

Nerdy about: eSports, Tetris, Wrestling


Frank Bozzani

That Nostalgic Guy

Frank buys merch at pretty much every event he goes to and forgot to send Trevor a bio.

Nerdy about: Merch, Bawls, Trophies


Jazz Foster

That Alcohol Doll

In the first grade, Jazz wrote that she wanted to be a novelist, and her parents were more shocked that she knew the word than they were at the career goal. 18 year later she’s still working on it, only now she drinks while she does it. There’s always time to edit sober.

Nerdy about: Books, Beer, Board Games


Logan Wilkinson

That Creative Guy

Once upon a time Logan was a little kid who sat enraptured as he heard and watched stories be told across the various mediums. For nearly a decade Logan has tried to fulfill the call to arms issued by Greg Miller, to “just do” the thing you are passionate about. Annoyingly optimistic, full of hope and danimals, and brimming with excitement to create and build something with Trevor and the gang, Logan is proud to launch That Nerdy Site. Logan was also a Senior Editor and Co-Host of Input: A Video Games Newshow at Irrational Passions for over three years. He really likes Abraham Lincoln. 

Nerdy about: Stories, Hope, Domino’s Pizza, and Mr. Rogers


Former Nerds

Christian Puente

That Video Guy

Video content creator who likes making things with his friends.

Nerdy about: Anime, Filmmaking


Chloe Naylor

That Meme Gal

Kinda Funny Up-and-Comer with a love of Tik Tok, Jake Gyllenhaal, and General Grievous

Nerdy about: Robots, Aliens, and Robot Aliens


Ben Bellevue

That Film Guy

A recent graduate from the Loyola Marymount University Screenwriting program and lover of Disneyland.

Nerdy about: Film, Disneyland



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