Knights of the Old Republic Remake Paused (That News You Care About Ep. 114)

On today’s show, Logan and Trevor discuss the recent Bloomberg article indicating that the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake is reportedly on hold after the game’s art director and design director were fired.

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Stories and Shoutouts:

“Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Game Paused Amid Studio Shakeup,” by Jason Schreier, Bloomberg

“A New Destination: How Open Roads Changed Direction And Saved Its Turbulent Road Trip,” by Kimberly Wallace, Game Informer

“Nope’s Gordy segments (and that weird shoe) are packed with meaning,” by Zosha Millman, Polygon

“Every Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show, ranked,” by Samantha Nelson, Tasha Robinson, and Zosha Millman, Polygon

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