Our Favorite Video Game Characters (That News You Care About Ep. 98)

In the lead-up to our 100th episode in a couple weeks, Logan and Trevor are reflecting on some of their all-time favorites lists. This week, they discuss their favorite video game characters.

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“Investigating Three Indie Superstars Accused of Emotional Abuse” by Chris Bratt, People Make Games

“Despite its beautiful Ori games, Moon Studios is called an ‘oppressive’ place to work” by Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat


“JK Rowling’s Anti-Transgender Stance And Hogwarts Legacy” by Jessie Earl, Gamespot


“Why Sander Cohen is one of BioShock’s most memorable elements” by Ashley Oh, Polygon, highlighting “Why We Remember Bioshock’s Fort Frolic” YouTube video by Mark Brown, Game Maker’s Toolkit


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