That Nerdy Site Year 3

Looking Back

Looking back on the last year, it was of course a difficult year in a myriad of ways as the pandemic continued to affect so many aspects of our lives, but I’m happy with our ability to produce higher-quality content as we shifted to a video format for the podcasts and added in a bi-weekly That Nerdy Site Plays series that meant steady Monday thru Friday content going up on the YouTube channel. That Nerdy Site Show, That News You Care About, and That D+ Show continued along as a regular weekly presence on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, respectively, while Let’s Plays took the stage on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In the lead up to this anniversary, our original That Nerdy Site Show celebrated its 100th episode a few weeks ago and That D+ Show will be shortly behind it here in a few weeks time. The Let’s Plays have been a combination of Retro looks back at games from the NES Classic, standalone “First Impression”-type episodes, or full-playthrough series like It Takes Two or Emily Is Away <3.

Looking Ahead

As mentioned in today’s No Time To Die Spoilercast episode of That Nerdy Site Show, we’ll be making a few changes here as we head into our third year.

  1. Sunsetting the Patreon – while we remain incredibly grateful to those who have supported us through Patreon in these first couple years, we’ll be moving to a fully self-funded model . We were never really good about driving a strategy to incentivize our patrons and the work that did go into getting everything uploaded and shared over there might be better utilized elsewhere. The Patreon page will be Paused for November and December and then turned off in January 2022.
  2. Sunsetting Lapsed Podcast Feeds – The following podcast feeds will be removed from Libsyn (and podcast services) at the end of December 2021. All of these shows will remain up on YouTube in their various forms but will no longer be available on podcast feeds in the new year. If any of them return, they will likely return in a YouTube-only option.
  3. New Shows in the Works – while we don’t have any concrete new shows to launch at the moment, we are discussing some ideas for 2022. In particular, Logan is likely finally going to get his James Bond rewatch/review series as he and Trevor are planning to watch and rank every official James Bond film as a limited run series on YouTube.

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