Activision Blizzard Saga Continued (That News You Care About Ep. 66)

Logan returns to give his thoughts on the ongoing Activision Blizzard saga alongside Cameron and Trevor. And Cameron discusses the potential effects of T-Mobile possibly backing away from their Activision Blizzard eSports sponsorships.

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00:00:00 – Intro

00:03:23 – Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Continued

“Blizzard Entertainment president J. Allen Brack steps down” by Samit Sarkar and Nicole Carpenter, Polygon

“Blizzard’s HR boss is the latest exec to say goodbye” by Nicole Carpenter, Polygon

“Activision Blizzard Faces Second Lawsuit Over First Lawsuit” by Mike Fahey, Kotaku

“Activision Blizzard staff reject company’s choice of law firm” by Jeffrey Rousseau,

00:34:27 – “Activision Blizzard loses T-Mobile as sponsor for Overwatch, Call of Duty esports leagues” by Michael McWhertor, Polygon

00:52:22 – Shoutouts:

“What Really Happened At That BlizzCon Panel, According To The Woman In The Video” by Ethan Gach, Kotaku

“Playdate sells out 2021 stock supply in less than 20 minutes” by Danielle Partis,

MegaRan Kickstarter

00:56:29 – Outro

Organizations you can support in solidarity with the #ActiBlizzWalkout:

Black Girls Code:

Futures Without Violence:

Girls Who Code:


Women in Animation:

Women in Games International:

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