That Epic PlayStation 4 Bracket Show (September 2020 Patreon Early Access That Nerdy Site Show)

Trevor, Cam, and Frank are joined by special guest Brandon Gann this month to run through our own version of the PlayStation 4 Exclusives bracket that Kinda Funny’s PS I Love You XOXO ran through a while back. Since Logan wasn’t able to join us, we had to turn to RNGesus on the 2-2 ties and they were vengeful.

Originally released to Patrons September 30, 2020.

Follow our guest Brandon: @GamesGann

Check out the original PS I Love You XOXO episode that inspired this one:

Shoutout to @SDInfected who created the original bracket for Kinda Funny.

PlayStation 4 characters fan art sourced to reddit user coolwali13

Direct Download:

You can also find us on iTunes or Spotify or throw the YouTube video on in the background here:

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