Sic Parvis Magna

Sic Parvis Magna.

Greatness from small beginnings.

The de facto motto of That Nerdy Site.

The creed of my own life in so many ways. 

Thank god for Nathan Drake, Naughty Dog, and Uncharted for that one folks.

So, That Nerdy Site is live now. The lights have been flipped, the fans are turning, and we are plunging headlong into the dark and mysterious void. 

Trevor already wrote a very good welcome piece that kickstarted the site’s launch. It goes through his process of creative burnout to bringing together an island of misfit toys version of the Avengers. You should go read that, both because it is quite good and also because it’s much more put together than mine will be. 

But I needed to explain my own thoughts and feelings on helping to create everything That Nerdy Site is and why I care so much. 

I like creating things. I love building something. I love gushing, debating, talking, writing, doing anything about all kinds of wonderful and absurd things in this world. I very much love video games yes, but that is just one small piece of my many passions and loves. Movies, TV, music, and sports are just some of the other things. I’ve always wanted an outlet, a place to call home where I could vent about all of the things under the sun I like. 

That place, that home, is That Nerdy Site. 

The other big aspect that is fundamental to me, is the team. It’s the group of people. I like people, I like being a part of a team. It’s the extrovert in me. I have a need to collaborate, to work alongside, to create, to build something with others. I have a passion for collectively striving towards a shared goal with others and tackling something that is bigger than the singular. The crew and team behind That Nerdy Site is amazing and brilliant. I have been so lucky throughout my life to be surrounded by good people. The team at Irrational Passions and how lucky I was to have worked with them still leaves me speechless. 

Getting to share not just my passions and loves, but just as importantly the passions of Ben, Chloe, Jazz, Cam, Christian, Frank, and Trevor is something I am so excited about. Theater, writing, producing, film, anime, wrestling, everything under the sun will be bandied about.

We are an eclectic mix of people and that is going to be reflected in what we talk and write about. After so many years of creating under the idea of restraining ourselves from talking about the many other things we like outside games, I just felt tired and stale and bound to frustrations both creative and otherwise. 

So, That Nerdy Site is a place for people to gather around shared passions. It is a place where both creator and friend can share laughs, wisdom, and goofy bits about General Grievous, La La Land, the Boston Bruins, or why the Last of Us is rad. And so much more BEYOND all of that. 

In short, it is a home for people to come together and geek out. Come together as a common refuge to be unabashedly positive, joyful, thoughtful, and brimming with love over the things that speak out to them. A beacon for great conversations, writings, and hope about the world and everything in it. 

That is what That Nerdy Site is to me. It’s about building something better.

Shoutout to Trevor Starkey for being mad enough to trust someone like me to co-pilot this rocket ship with him and for genuinely being one of the greatest, best friends I’ve ever made. When I left IP it was Trev I called and talked to for two hours, forming there the seed of what That Nerdy Site would morph into. Trevor will never be able to see the full impact and effect he has on myself and all those he interacts with but it’s tremendous. He’s a real good boy and I am thankful daily for it. 

Shoutout to Jazz Foster too for getting out there and showcasing the madly talented and creative and brilliant person she is. Sharper than a tack, and with a searing intellectual fire burning within her. She is a rock for me. 

Thank you to Ben, Chloe, Christian, Frank, and Cam for every second, y’all are just the best. I could do a full post on all of you. Me and Ben in particular are just amazing amounts of opinion-having trouble together. 

Alex O’Neill never had to give me a chance, but he did. Through the laughs, fights, highs and lows of it all, I never forgot that A. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me to get here. From the elephant in the room that is Greg Miller, to my IP rocks Jarrett Green and Jurge Cruz, to all of my amazing Aussie blood brothers, special mentions to Jack, Nato, and beautiful Jono love you all you bastards. To Kev and Sean White and your unending support and excitement over me and what I’m doing. To Belinda Garcia for just being one of the best people in the world and someone who fills me with so much joy and excitement. And thank you to Shravya, for everything, I owe you so much, my sanity firstly. 

And finally thank you to you, taking the time to read, listen, watch, and just generally interact with anything I have ever and will ever create and push out into the churning void. I love loving things and that begins and ends with you, each and every one of you. I draw my faith from others. Thank you for that and so much else. 

Now. Play your games, watch your movies, listen to your music, and fill the world with the things you love. 

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