Road to Summerslam 2017

Originally published on Trevor Trove on August 2, 2017

For this week’s Wrestling Wednesday, I sat down and talked through my thoughts on some of the current storylines on Raw and Smackdown Live and theorize how they might play out.


Universal Title – Will Lesnar lose and leave the WWE to return to UFC? Will WWE actually listen to the fan support for Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman or will they just plop the belt on Reigns yet again while everyone boos?

Possible Shield Reunion? – It sure looks to me like they’re aiming to put the Raw Tag Team titles on “Rollins and Ambrose as reluctant partners.” And then maybe they’ll send Shaemus and Cesaro off into Singles Land for a while.

Women’s Title – With WWE releasing footage of an emotional Bayley concerned about a potentially serious shoulder injury, I’m left wondering how that will affect the Raw Women’s Title match? Is it a work or a shoot? Will I ever be able to remember which one is which without googling? Could we see Sasha Banks and Nia Jax try to take Bayley’s spot if she’s benched?


United States Title – What the hell is going on over there? Madison Square Garden house show title change. Weird title change/potentially botched ending at Battleground. Title change in a triple threat with Jericho following Battleground. Repeat of the weird referee bump ending this week. Will Shane McMahon deliver another Coast to Coast as the special guest referee?

Is John Cena still alive? – That was a horrifying bump in his match against Nakamura this week. Assuming he’s okay, how will his loss play into SummerSlam and who will he end up facing in not Jinder? Maybe a switch to Raw since he’s a free agent?

Will we get a Money In The Bank cash-in? Could we see the first ever Women’s MITB cash-in during/after Naomi/Natalya? Or will we see the mediocre feud between Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura pay huge dividends with Nakamura defeating Mahal and then immediately getting cashed-in on by Corbin?

My answers to all of these questions are probably completely wrong. But it’s fun to theorize anyway.

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