Forging a New Chain

Originally published on Trevor Trove on May 14, 2017

Hey there, Internet Friends!

Back in November 2015, I started writing and publishing something every day on this site, an idea lovingly adapted/stolen from my friend Alex O’Neill’s “Don’t Break the Chain” mantra. On Day 300, I wrote about taking a step back from publishing every day in order to focus more on video content like my podcast Trove Talk, and to take the time to write longer-form pieces that I could edit and polish instead of being beholden to the daily crunch I had imposed on myself.

Then sometime after that I let the chain break.

I don’t even really remember when at this point. There were a lot of factors at play that I might delve into in a future piece but I’m here today to announce that I’m forging a new chain:

Daily Video Content.

Starting tomorrow, May 15th, 2017, I’m launching a series of new weekly shows on my YouTube channel (Subscribe, Like, Share). I’ll also be starting a regular streaming schedule on (if you were already following me at tstarkey0810, you should still be following me, as I just renamed it). The YouTube shows will likely be short reviews, reactions, impressions, etc. and the streaming will be pretty rudimentary at first as I get a feel for what I’m doing. But I hope you’ll consider checking it out.

Here’s the game plan (full details below the video and as you’ll see, I’m still a huge fan of alliteration):


Movie Monday – A weekly YouTube show where I review the latest blockbusters, movies I missed, favorite films, etc.


Twitch Tuesday – 7pm – 10pm (AZ time) stream on I might eventually make these streams themed (Trevor Trove Backlog, Indie Spotlight, Audience Choice, etc.) but they’ll be a bit more grab bag to start. I’m planning on kicking it off with a playthrough of the Kingdom Hearts series (via the 1.5/2.5 HD Remix on PS4), for example.

Trevor Performs The Drop – My recent series where I read through the game descriptions for all the games coming to PlayStation will continue and expand a bit as I now will be adding in a bit of commentary on each game instead of just reading the descriptions in different voices.


Wrestling Wednesday – I grew up with the WWF’s Attitude era but fell away in the early 2000s with high school. Recently though, I’ve fallen a bit down the wrestling rabbit hole so this will be a weekly YouTube show discussing the latest happenings on WWE Raw, Smackdown, and (if appropriate) a Pay-Per-View.


Twitch Thursday – Same as Tuesday. 7pm-10pm AZ time on

TV Thursday – Like the Movie Monday show, this YouTube show will give me an opportunity to chat about shows I’m watching, Netflix binge sessions, favorites, etc.


Whatever I Feel Like Friday – A grab bag YouTube show, where I’ll tackle something that’s of interest to me, be it a news story, life event, my travels, etc.


Twitch Stream Saturday – You see; I added stream so the alliteration would still work. Anyway. Same as Tuesday/Thursday but the time on this will be 2pm – 7pm AZ time.

Trevor Trove Discovers Comics/Anime – A lot of my friends are huge fans of comic books and anime but they are two of the nerd-culture mediums I’ve never really delved into myself so this series will give me a reason to explore them both.


Trevor Trove Gaming – Oh yeah, I should probably still do some gaming stuff, right? A weekly YouTube show with game reviews, news reactions, rundown of what I’m playing, etc.

Weekly Wrap-Up – Stealing from friends like Alex O’Neill and Logan Wilkinson, I’ll have a weekly wrap-up video to run down everything from the week prior and give a glimpse of the upcoming week.

Trove Talk

Last, but not least, is Trove Talk. The podcast might be what actually broke me for a while there as it was averaging four-plus hours. I definitely still like the format (going over a guest’s gaming history, favorite game, non-gaming topic, and audience questions), but the gaming histories themselves tended to average around two-hours and don’t really play well with the idea of inviting people back on the show (no point in covering a person’s gaming history twice).

So I’ve been thinking about how to best re-tool the show and I think the best path forward is to just drop the gaming history part for the time being (maybe eventually turn it into it’s own podcast if I can ever make the time). So my plan is to shift it to a three-topic show with each topic airing on a Twitch stream day (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) and the full episodes going live Sunday or Monday.

Expect the show to return sometime after E3 (gonna try and get the hang of all of the new stuff first before I fold Trove Talk back into the mix).

In Closing

I’m excited for all of these new shows. The quality will probably vary wildly for a bit while I try and work out the kinks (especially when I’m trying to put out shows while I’m on the road for stuff like PAX or Kinda Funny Live) but I hope you’ll consider checking in when you can.

Thanks for everything!


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