The Game (of the Year) Plan

Originally published on Trevor Trove on December 24, 2016

Hello internet friends and readers. Sorry for being a bit dark on the site since PSX. Been busy playing through a lot of final games and working on a ton of Game of the Year thoughts in the lead up to this last week of 2016. So here’s my game plan and timeline for all of the Game of the Year content for the next week or so.

NOTE: There will be no Trove Talk the week between Christmas and New Year’s in order to focus on all of this Game of the Year content.

12/26: Worst of 2015 Revisited – Something I started last year, I’ll take a look back on my Worst of 2015 games and see how my thoughts have evolved on them in hindsight.

12/27: Best of 2015 Revisited – Same premise for my favorite games of 2015. How do they hold up a year later?

12/28: The Games You Won’t See on My GOTY Lists – A quick breakdown of some of the biggest games that you might see on other GOTY lists and why they won’t be on mine.

12/29: Favorite Games I Revisted in 2016 – Remasters or ports of games that I’d played previously and enjoyed enough to put another playthrough into.

12/30: Favorite Non-2016 Games That I Didn’t Get Around to Playing Until 2016 – Well the overly long title does a pretty good job of summarizing what this one will be about, right? (The games I played for the first time this year that came out in any other year).

12/31: The Worst of 2016 – Fortunately, I’ve gotten pretty good about just avoiding these kinds of games so this one was actually a pretty tough list to pull together. But I managed.

1/1: The Best of 2016: Honorable Mentions – A mix of games that either just miss the final cut or games that were maybe nowhere near the top ten but had some incredible standout element that I felt like highlighting.

1/2: The Best of 2016: Top Ten Trevor Trove Titles – So much alliteration!!! Anywho, my ten favorite games from 2016.

So I hope you’ll check back in throughout the next week or so! There will definitely be written versions of all of these pieces and I’m hoping to include some video impressions as well if that suits you better.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be presenting my top ten list in audio form in a return appearance as a Guest Top Ten for Irrational Passions with my dear friend Alex O’Neill. We’ll be recording that sometime in the coming week so look for my conversations with him sometime in the new year.

Lastly, I’m still working on reviews for Dishonored 2 and Final Fantasy XV and a trio of Telltale Batman reviews to discuss impressions of Episode 4, Episode 5, and the series as a whole. And outside gaming, I still plan to put together a couple movie reviews for Rogue One and Moana. And probably a whole 2016 reflection piece.

So much to do, so little time…

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