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Originally published on Trevor Trove on August 25, 2016

A little over a year ago, I had my first direct interaction with Irrational Passions. Alex O’Neill put out a call for writers for a recurring segment they had called “Monthly Passions.” Effectively, it was a call for proposals to write about a game you played that month. Ever since meeting Alex at the first Kinda Funny Live a few months earlier, I had been looking to get back into writing. So for the July Monthly Passions, I wrote about my experiences with Rocket League. It reinvigorated me enough to eventually launch this site and all of the nonsense I’ve written since.

Late last year, the regular “Monthly Passions” posts fell by the wayside as everyone got busy with the busy gaming season during the holidays. It relaunched in February in it’s new form: a podcast hosted by Jarrett Green. Each month, he sits down with an assortment of players to discuss the new games that have come out.

A few weeks ago, when he put the call out for people who were going to play No Man’s Sky, I leapt at the opportunity to chat with Jarrett, having only interacted over Twitter before. Eventually the game came out, I wrote some things on it, and I have (for the time being) retired it from active playing. But I’ve continued consuming various pieces of content on the game like videos discussing the hype culture that surrounded the game, whether or not Sean Murray and Hello Games “lied” in interviews about the game, etc.

And for about an hour and a half tonight, Jarrett, myself, and a third panelist Tommy discussed the game itself, the culture surrounding it, a handful of other games and properties it reminded us of, and where the industry, audience, and Hello Games goes from here. It was a great conversation and I can’t wait to share it with you when Jarrett has edited it all together.

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