Best-Selling PSN Games of July 2016

Originally published on Trevor Trove on August 6, 2016

After posting late in May and June, I actually happened to see the monthly PlayStation Blog post today. So hurray for timeliness!

As always, let’s start off with my predictions…

  • The Insomniac/GameStop partnership Song of the Deep might sell well. Probably not top ten but maybe in the top twenty.
  • Videoball seems to have a lot of hype as a Rocket League-esque game but I think it’s too small.
  • I Am Setsuna comes to PS4 next week and by most accounts appears like it will be an exciting successor to Crono Trigger in the same way Bravely Default has been to classic Final Fantasy games. So I think it will manage to perform well.


Well, as is becoming the norm, a whole bunch of PSN sales completely screwed over my predictions. Because of course God of War III Remastered from a year ago was going to top the charts. How could I be so stupid?! Though it would seem a Flash Sale dedicated specifically to Battleborn didn’t have a significant effect on sales. Probably not the best news for Gearbox, even if Borderlands: The Handsome Collection cracked the top ten instead.

On my actual prediction front, Song of the Deep and Video Ball both proved too small to make the top 20. But at it’s $40 price point, the niche I Am Setsuna managed to come in at number 13. The real big surprise here might be 7 Days to Die which came to PSN at the end of June, managed to land at number 2. Everything else is a combination of the usual suspects and the big-name franchises that benefited from a sale.

PS Vita/PS Classics

Not much to report on the Vita or Classics fronts. The Warriors which launched as a new PS2 on PS4 classic hit at the beginning of the month giving it plenty of time to climb to the top of the chart.

August Predictions

  • Sportsball 2017 season begins with Madden NFL 17 launching so that will be on the list guaranteed.
  • I think No Man’s Sky finally launching is the next safest bet in terms of new software.
  • Buzz around Abzu seems very positive and launching at the beginning of the month is always great for this kind of thing but it might still be too small a title to crack the list (just like the other Play titles HeadlanderBrut@l, and Bound).
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is probably a big enough triple-A title to make the list.
  • Resident Evil 4 is coming to the PS4 at the end of the month so it’s virtually a shoe-in for the list too.

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