Those “Forget to Take Care of Yourself” Days

Originally published on Trevor Trove on July 31, 2016

Every now and then, I’ll take a day and pretty much just spend the whole time playing games. Today was mostly one of those days. I woke up, grabbed a bottled Coke out of the refrigerator, sat down, and started playing. An hour or so in, I took a small break to meet my family for one of our routine lunches. We visited and caught up. My sister and I once again shared Pokemon GO stories. I hit Level 21 this morning and she was only a few thousand experience points behind. She has probably since even moved ahead of me.

After lunch, I took the briefest of detours to a local retro games store. I’m considering replacing the 3DS I left on the plane back in Los Angeles for Let’s Play Live. I didn’t pick anything up today but I also thoroughly enjoy popping in and seeing what old games and systems they have available. Plus, they’re a Pokestop so I was able to stock up on a few more items while I was there. Once I’d had my fill, I returned home, and turned my system back on.

And then I pretty much played for the next 10 hours. I might still be playing if not for the need to get something written up tonight.

Just a great, relaxed day of gaming. Kept thinking to myself, “I should really take a break and grab dinner.” But then another part of my brain kept winning out with the old “Just one more level” argument. I threw on a couple podcasts and just kept playing, occasionally checking my phone to see if anything was going on in my various social media feeds. At some point, I took all of five minutes to put my hair in pigtails and use the Harley Quinn Snapchat filter.

But that was pretty much my entire day. Lounging around, gaming, tweeting at friends, and forgetting to eat dinner. I try not to have too many days like today, but every now and then, they are just what I need to recharge my batteries.

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