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Originally published on Trevor Trove on July 7, 2016

About a week and a half ago, Mario Piacquadio (aka MarioNotBros on Twitter and Twitch) reached out to me about coming on his PlayStation podcast for Always interested in branching out, I agreed to come on and record with him and his team this past Tuesday. One of their normal hosts was out and he happened to be the one who knew how to record the Google Hangout we used to record the episode. Additionally, there was a bit of a lag between some of us so there’s some dead air in the episode but check it out. I had a great time recording with these guys and was humbled by their invitation.

Topics discussed:

  • The Games we’ve been playing – I talk about the games I played at RTX and Doom, which I had just finished (full review should be up later this week). I also debate the merits of Mega Man with Mario.
  • What old games would hold up if they were released today?
  • The BioShock Collection confirmation and what we think about it.
  • Vita gets Twitch. Why?
  • I showed off my Vitas to the podcasters, which is great for an audio-only show.
  • Then we spend a lot of time talking about what we would expect or want out of a PlayStation Vita 2. We also address whether or not the Vita itself is a flop. And somewhere in that conversation, we got sidetracked talking a bit about what the NX might end up looking like. 

So huge thanks to Mario Piacquadio (MarioNotBros), Josh Brant (minusthebrant), and Brett Medlock (brettnll) for having me on and talking PlayStation with me. Check out them individually and follow PSEnthusiast.

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