Trevor Trove Merch Exists! What?!

Originally published on Trevor Trove on June 27, 2016

So a handful of very kind friends have been asking me for a while now when I was going to do a Trevor Trove shirt or something. So I thought about a shirt with a big bold 16-bit Trevor on them. but I thought that might be too much. At PAX East, I talked to some friends about the idea of a smaller 16-bit Trevor just hanging out on a shirt pocket. Or the even cuter idea of 16-bit Trevor peeking out of a pocket, ripped from the following:

Pocket @KindaFunnyKevin for all of your emergency needs.— Daniel Guerrero (@GuerreroZero) April 15, 2016

Ultimately, though I still felt like t-shirts would be a little too big of an investment for me to make. I wouldn’t want to open a Teespring campaign and not sell enough. I even looked into ordering a batch from a local printer but realized I wouldn’t know what sizes to pre-order.

Since we were at PAX East, I started thinking about all of the pins on display and decided that would be the route I would try to take. But when I got home from PAX East, I just figured there wasn’t really enough interest to invest in the idea.

Then Kinda Funny Live 2 happened.

Seeing friends wearing each others merchandise was heartwarming. Hell I had my Irrational Passions, Knerds Online, and BzG shirts with me to go along with all of the Kinda Funny and IGN shirts I wore that week. And my other friends Nick and Shauna Cascarella launched their line of The AV Youth attire, including a Shy Guy pin that seemed to sell really well for them. So I talked to Nick about who he went through for his pins. And when I got home I went over to and ordered some pins. And today, they arrived.

So if you’re going to be at RTX (or other upcoming shows like PAX West or PSX), I’ll have these little guys on hand for $5 each. I’ll look into the possibility of selling them online but I imagine shipping and handling will probably end up increasing the price too much to make it worthwhile.

So to those of you who have been asking, I have merchandise now. To those of you who weren’t, I have it anyway so maybe buy it if you see me at a show.

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