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Originally published on Trevor Trove on June 25, 2016

Back when I went to PAX South, a few of my friends asked if I’d be attending RTX later in the year because they were gonna look into getting an Airbnb or something for the weekend. At the time, I wasn’t planning on it. Even up until Kinda Funny Live, I was still planning on skipping it.

But then I spent a week with some of my best friends in the world and realized I didn’t want to have to wait until PAX West in September to see so many of them again.

So I’ll be in Austin next week for the event to spend time with friends. Now the problem is I’m not exactly an aficionado of Rooster Teeth content. I remember when Red vs. Blue broke out but since I wasn’t a Halo person, I never really followed along. I would occasionally catch Achievement Hunter Let’s Plays, especially some of their Grand Theft Auto V stuff like the heists.

Last year, when I heard of Monty Oum’s sudden illness and passing, I watched the first season of RWBY. I had been a huge fan of his Dead Fantasy videos and would search every now and then to see if he had put out any new ones. I never knew he had signed on at Rooster Teeth and created RWBY until after he was gone. But his digital choreography was always incredible so I was glad to see he got to make that dream a reality in his all-too-short time on this Earth.

So that’s pretty much my limited interaction with Rooster Teeth. Not quite sure what panels I’ll be checking out next week (apart from the Kinda Funny ones) but I’m sure I’ll wander into something.

If anyone has suggestions of RT content I should check out this next week to prepare me, let me know here or on twitter.

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