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Originally published on Trevor Trove on June 25, 2016

Nikki Powell, like Sean Pitts, was one of the group of people I met and spent a ton of time with at the first Kinda Funny Live last year. The day of the event, she led a bunch of us to a small little hole-in-the-wall brunch place that was clearly not prepared for a group of 40 to show up at their door on a Saturday morning. I got to see her again a month later at the IGN House Party to celebrate Beyond 400 and Unlocked 200. She was especially great because I had my then-girlfriend Catherine, an aspiring nurse, in tow and the two were able to talk about that common interest outside of the gaming spectrum. We then got to hang out again at the PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco and most recently spent a lot of time together at Kinda Funny Live 2. Throughout it all, I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better from a distance thanks to the Kinda Funny community.

I didn’t actually get to meet her partner in crime, Amanda Kane, until PAX East earlier this year. We knew each other through mutual friends a bit but when Alex O’Neill introduced us at the IGN party in Boston, it was our first time interacting directly outside of maybe something like me submitting a question for her podcast. She was super excited because she had just been offered a position as a Community Management Specialist for a game company near San Francisco but she couldn’t talk about it yet. We got to spend a bit more time at Kinda Funny Live 2 but I still definitely don’t know Amanda as well as I would like.

But hopefully that will change when I make my debut on their Lipstick Nerds podcast tomorrow. Wanting to be fully prepared, I went out and picked up a key component of any Lipstick Nerd. And, of course, I had to give it a test run before tomorrow’s show to make sure I look my best…

I can’t wait to hang out and chat with these two lovely ladies tomorrow. I love getting to hear the perspective of my female friends, especially because the industry is often so dominated by the male voice. Prior to launching Trevor Trove and making my own run at trying to get into this industry, I struggled with the internal conflict of trying to identify what I could add to the seemingly endless line of new content creators. I felt that I would much rather give up “my spot” (should I be fortunate enough to get one) to a less-represented voice like a woman or person of color. Ultimately though, I have opted to pursue the dream with the hopes that, as an ally to those voices, I will be able to support them and bring them in if I ever make it to the inside. And the Lipstick Nerds are a great representation of the kind of voices that are often under-served so it didn’t surprise me at all to see that someone like Miranda Sanchez of IGN had been a founding member of the Lipstick Nerds.

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