Overwatching 2: Electric Boogaloo

Originally published on Trevor Trove on June 23, 2016

After initially documenting my observations as a spectator, as well as my first impressions playing the game, I popped my Overwatch online cherry tonight. Assorted friends tweeted out to play today as I was leaving work so when I got home, I logged in and booted up the game. Xyger and Fiona (two fellow-Kinda Funny Facebook admins) quickly grabbed me and added me to their party and we began to play.

I’m still very much in the “trying out characters” mode of the learning curve. Which pretty much sucks when you’re trying to do it on the fly and not let down the rest of your team. Offensively, I had a couple good matches with Pharah, raining rocket powered fire from above. Defensively, I still lean toward Mercy. Playing with Fi and eventually Alex O’Neill – both of whom sometimes favor Mercy themselves – I was definitely under scrutiny as my lowly level 7 character sought to prove herself. Sticking primarily to healing and boosting attack, I had a particularly impressive moment when I revived like half of my team with her Ultimate ability.

The fun of tonight absolutely came from hanging out with friends. The game itself still hasn’t wowed me and it continues to feel too simplistic and fairly unbalanced. And I probably spent enough time waiting to find matches on the main menu that I could have written the entirety of this post if I’d bothered pulling out my laptop in the down-time. I imagine a lot of that comes from mostly playing with a full-party of six and needed to pair us up with other players, but it felt agonizing nonetheless with the only saving grace being able to chat and laugh with friends.

I’ll gladly keep tagging along if friends are looking for a casual time playing, but tonight continued to suggest to me that this isn’t the kind of game I’ll ever really be diving into on my own. So if my friends are playing, Overwatch it is. But if nobody is online or I just feel like playing solo, it’s back to Doom.

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