The Trevor Trove E3 2016 Plan

Originally published on Trevor Trove on June 5, 2016

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is nearly upon us. Ever since one of my friends attended E3 between our Junior and Senior year of high school waaay back in 2002, it has been something I’d love to attend someday. I might have even been able to get a pass this year but with all of the traveling I’ve been doing recently between PAX South and East, and Kinda Funny Live, I didn’t have enough free time to take off work to get there next week. Maybe next year…

In the meantime, I’ll be going through the industry standard fun of making predictions all week. I was really proud of a couple wild predictions I made last year: specifically accurately predicting the November 10th release date of Fallout 4 and the wildly prospect that the Final Fantasy VII PC port for PlayStation had been delayed so they could announced a real Final Fantasy VII remaster. (In retrospect, I was even close on one of the many Uncharted 4 release date before it got delayed a couple more times, but that wasn’t an E3 announcement).

So the plan for the upcoming week or two is as follows: I’ll be writing up a handful of E3 predictions for each of the major conferences.

  • Monday – EA
  • Tuesday – Bethesda
  • Wednesday – Microsoft
  • Thursday – Ubisoft
  • Friday – Sony
  • Saturday – Nintendo

On Sunday, I’ll be live tweeting my reactions to the EA and Bethesda conferences at @snarkystarkey and I’ll do my best to get full recaps of each conference up as soon as possible. Monday will be trickier because of that pesky aforementioned job. But I’ll do my best to live tweet what I can and I’ll probably be up late that night putting together the recap of the Monday conferences. Same goes for Tuesday’s coverage of the Nintendo Digital Treehouse event. And I imagine I’ll pepper in a few editorial pieces throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday based on the announcements before I head to Los Angeles for the Let’s Play Live event that Friday.

So that’s what to look forward to from me this week and next. I’d love to hear what predictions everyone else has because right or wrong, they’re usually entertaining. Hit me up here, or on Twitter, and let me know.

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