Uncharted 4 Spoilercast

Originally published on Trevor Trove on May 18, 2016

Tonight, I had the absolute pleasure of talking about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for nearly three hours tonight.

I sat down with Alex O’Neill, Barrett Courtney, Jacob Bryant, and Brendan Williams to talk about the game for Irrational Passions. Alex and Barrett, representing IrrationalPassions.com and BZGamers.com, respectively, have become two of my dearest friends since meeting them both in San Francisco a year ago in the lead up to Kinda Funny Live. I have been honored and humbled to be featured on content with both of them and I can’t wait to see them again next week for Kinda Funny Live 2.

Jacob Bryant will be joining us all there and having just met him for the first time through this stream tonight, I look forward to meeting him in person next week as well. Brendan also brought a lot of great insight to the conversation so I hope I get to work with him again sometime as well.

Alex – who I have often attributed as the inspiration for kicking off Trevor Trove and especially putting out daily content – played the well-practiced role of ringleader with aplomb guiding the conversation through all of the great pertinent points and occasionally reigning us in if we got too far off track. He is someone I absolutely look to whenever I get notions of possibly trying to host my own show someday. After nearly six years of hosting the Irrational Passions podcast, it comes as no surprise how naturally he fills that role. I just did my best to always have something to say when the time came or bounce off my co-hosts without feeling like I was dominating the conversation.

If you are interesting in catching the full spoilercast in all of it’s 2 hour 43 minute glory, you can find it below.

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