June Release Hype

Originally published on Trevor Trove on May 18, 2016

Last month, I took a night to look through the following months releases and identify which, if any, of the major titles I was looking forward to. I have a good enough time with that so let’s see what June holds in store.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – June 7th

Well this one’s easy since I wrote about it last month a day or two before it got delayed to June.

I never played the original Mirror’s Edge game either. I remember being excited when Peter Moore came onstage at the first PlayStation Experience to celebrate 20 years of the partnerships between EA and PlayStation by giving everyone Mirror’s Edge that weekend. I added it to my PlayStation 3 thinking I might finally check out what all of the excitement was about. But then I never did because it was December 2014 and only the urge to replay Fallout 3 in advance of Fallout 4 has gotten me to hook it back up.

Excitement Level: If Xbox gives the original away as an Xbox 360 Games with Gold title I might dole out the money to play through the sequel out of 10

No Man’s Sky – June 21st

Where Uncharted and Fallout 4’s DLC  were my #1 and #3 anticipated games of 2016, respectively, No Man’s Sky landed at #4 on the list and it feels weird that it’s finally almost here.

I’m still adamant that this winds up coming to PS VR later this year as well, but I’m eager to finally go hands-on with what the small team at Hello Games has managed to build. It still strikes me as some sort of universe-themed version of Minecraft so it’s a complete mystery whether or not the game will get its hooks in me. Given the number of games I play in order to stay up on the conversation (I’m almost at 40 for this year and it’s been the “slow” part of the year), I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to invest in the game but it’s possible this could be a game I come back to every now and then between games.

Excitement Level: I still don’t know out of 10 but I think its scope will be impressive regardless.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – June 28th

Back when I was compiling my Favorite Games on the PS2 list, I touched upon how great the original LEGO Star Wars games were in terms of kicking off the franchise. But I also acknowledged my reservations over Tt Games milking the license and franchise over the next few years by releasing games for single movies. That reservation is certainly still there, but I’m almost certain that the game will still be one of my next Platinum trophies after Uncharted 4 and (if I get back to it) LEGO Dimensions. And it has the potential to be the best Star Wars game I’ll get to play for a little while longer while rumors of a Battlefront 2 campaign swirl alongside the Visceral/Amy Hennig Star Wars game and the recently announced Respawn one (both of which still seem a ways out).

Excitement Level: It’s Star Wars out of 10.

All in all, it’s a pretty light month but the few games that are coming have some great potential.

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