Best-Selling PSN Games of April 2016

Originally published on Trevor Trove on May 14, 2016

With yesterday’s NPD sales figures out, I realized I probably missed out on the PSN numbers in the excitement of Uncharted (which I’ll review this weekend). And sure enough, the PlayStation Blog revealed their best-sellers on Wednesday. So how did my guesses stack up to the actuals. Last month, I wrote:

So what do I expect from the April charts? As already mentioned above, Dark Souls III will inevitably fair well (if my Twitter feed from the last 24 hours is any indication). With more room to breath in April, MLB The Show 16 will continue to perform well. The great word of mouth and high-profile name of Ratchet and Clank will serve the reboot well. Enter the Gungeon and Alienation will probably do very well in the Launch Party promotion as it wraps up. Severed will hopefully take the top spot on the Vita chart when it releases later this month. Lastly, the Vita version of Axiom Verge might reinvigorate its sales next week.

And April actually looked like…

PlayStation 4 / Vita / Classics

Looks like a solid 6 out of 7.

  • Dark Souls III topped the charts, just like yesterday’s NPD numbers.
  • Similarly, Ratchet & Clank came in at #2, again echoing the NPD figures.
  • Rocket League continues to dominate digital sales on the system landing at #3, just like last month.
  • As predicted, MLB The Show 16 continued to do well in its first full month out, staying right where it was last month at #4.
  • Enter the Gungeon did indeed benefit from the Launch Party promotion, landing at #8.
  • The only real miss of the month was Alienation. And it still performed well, landing just out of the top ten at #13. It also only had a few days worth of sales behind it since it released on the 26th.
  • Severed took the top spot on Vita, as predicted. Well deserved.
  • And Axiom Verge managed to land at #5 on the Vita list. (I’m admittedly always curious how Cross-Buy games are factored into these charts. I imagine the sales go toward the system it was purchased on, which would mean releasing the game on Vita actually did allow it to reach a new audience).
  • The only other real interesting item here (to me, at least) is The Order: 1886 cracking the top ten more than a year after it’s less-than-stellar debut. This was most likely caused by being discounted all the way down to $7.99 during a flash sale.

So how is May going to shape up on PSN?

  • As mentioned in the NPD predictions, I think Overwatch will perform very well for the month even taking the top spot overall. But I think Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will take the top spot on the PSN (so Overwatch landing at #2 is my call).
  • Based on the last day or so, I think a strong showing by Doom is a safe bet.
  • And as mentioned yesterday, Battleborn and Homefront: The Revolution are a couple more Triple-A titles that I think will ultimately fair well.
  • As for smaller/digital-only titles: Rocket League and Minecraft will continue to fare well. Shadow Complex Remastered might garner enough interest since it was never on PlayStation before but I also feel like it didn’t get a huge push so it’ll probably hit somewhere on the bottom half of the PS4 top 20. Shadow of the Beast and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan might also fall into that 11-20 category.

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