Trevor Trove is Going to PAX East

Originally published on Trevor Trove on March 6, 2016

When I attended the first PlayStation Experience in 2014, that was as a treat to myself. When tickets went on sale in October 2014, I was a few months into my new job, a position that had afforded me a lot more disposable income than I had been accustomed to for the few years prior. And with the inaugural event only a five-hour drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas, I booked my tickets and enjoyed a highly solitary-introverted weekend among a few thousand other die-hard PlayStation fans.

While I hadn’t launched yet, I was writing intermittently about video games and my local theatre scene as a creative outlet. I wound up inadvertantly almost setting the precedent for how I have covered events since, writing four separate pieces: my journey to the event, the Keynote and announcements made at the event, a breakdown of the panels I attended, and a recap of the games I played.

A year later, when I attended the next PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, it was essentially my coming out party as a TrevorTrove brand. I wrote separate articles for each day of my trip, the games I played, the panels I attended, and my first hands-on demo with PlayStation VR.

A spur of the moment visit to a friend’s Twitch channel wound up assembling together a ragtag crew of friends for an equally impulsive trip to PAX South a few weeks later. Despite being denied a media badge, I still covered the event as though I had. And while I was a little underwhelmed by that event, I’ve heard much better things about PAX East so I made the effort to track down a set of tickets.

I locked in a 3-Day Pass this week and booked my flights this afternoon so I will be in Boston Thursday night, April 21st and fly back Monday morning, the 25th. I look forward to seeing a lot of my friends again, as well as enjoying my first trip to Boston. If there’s anything in particular you think I should attend or any games I should check out, let me know.

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