So Many Puzzles

Originally published on Trevor Trove on February 4, 2016

Well I was hoping to finish up The Witness today and put together a proper review. But then I got distracted from the end game by solving more puzzles.

My save file currently reads 387 panels solved, +39. I was on fire tonight activating five different lasers. Desert was the last one I triggered. With all of the lasers out of the way, I returned to the summit to wrap this baby up.

But then I got inside and found more puzzles. Which is both awesome and not. I absolutely love that the game subverted my expectation that entering the summit would roll the credits. But I really need to get some sleep so I decided to turn it off, write up this short blurb, and call it a night.

I accidentally stayed up until about 2:30am last night working my way through about a hundred of the games puzzles. I was having a great time and when I looked at my phone for a time check panicked when I realized I need to be up and headed to an all-staff meeting at work in the morning. And tonight I worked through another hundred or so. I’ve been trying to make up for the time I lost at PAX South, I guess.

So I expect to finish up the game tomorrow and put down some more formal thoughts. But early impressions are that all of those people who were balking at the $40 price point would absolutely get their money’s worth.

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