Amazon Prime Follow-Up

Originally published on Trevor Trove on January 19, 2016

Last week, I wrote a piece comparing Amazon’s new Prime offer for games to Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked program. The long and short of it was that I still find Best Buy to be better deal, but Amazon had won me back over to order Wave 3 of the LEGO Dimensions sets. Historically, I’ve never had issues with my orders from Amazon arriving late. In fact, they often arrive earlier than projected and every game I’ve ever pre-ordered has arrived on launch day.

So imagine my dismay when I wake up to this email today:

Not only are three of the five sets I ordered not arriving today (no idea why but the other two arrived just fine thank you), but they’re suddenly pushed out to a month from now?!?!?! I should also note that when I originally ordered the items last week, the delivery date was set for Thursday and then Amazon upgraded the order to release date delivery.

So what the crap, Amazon?! Did the warehouse you were storing the GhostbustersDoc Brown, and Cyberman sets BLOW UP and now you have to wait until LEGO makes more?!

Upon learning this, I almost immediately went to Best Buy’s website to order the Life is Strange Limited Edition (because I’ve heard enough great things about it) and a 20th Anniversary Dualshock 4 controller (because it looks really pretty and the Circle button on my main controller is starting to stick). Part of me felt like this was an act of revenge against Amazon while another part of me saw it as an apology for my act of “betrayal” to Best Buy last week.

Ultimately, this delay makes very little difference in my gaming schedule. I’m still well behind on even just the main story of LEGO Dimensions to be overly worried about diving into the Ghostbusters Level Pack (no matter how much fun Greg Miller and Kevin Coello had with it at Kinda Funny). But it’s doesn’t exactly bode well that my very first order back with Amazon under their new offer has seemingly been delayed a month. More service like that and I’ll stick to Best Buy even if it costs me a couple extra bucks.

Editor’s Note: I have reached out to Amazon Support in an effort to identify the cause of the delay and will update if the response is relevant to the concerns expressed.

UPDATE: Amazon Customer Support has emailed me notifying me that there was an issue on my order preventing the items from shipping. They’ve resolved the issue and gave me a $5 credit. Hurray!

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