PAX, Here I Come!

Originally published on Trevor Trove on January 8, 2016

Well, that just happened…

Earlier this week I looked into the schedule for PAX South and started considering attending as the first show would cover. I know it’s still young as the newest PAX so I figured that chances of me getting a Media pass to attend were probably the best here. I figured I’d take some more time this weekend to research the convention and the cost of attending. Then I strolled into Sean Pitts‘ Twitch Stream and asked a harmless question…

“Hey Sean, any interest in going to San Antonio at the end of the month for PAX South?”

Before I knew it, some of our Texas-based friends Alex Aziz and Andy Cortez were talking about how they would be going and fellow Arizonan Frank Bozzani was in so I figured, okay let’s do this and started coordinating the hotel. A bit later, we got another friend Jonathan “Xyger” Landeros to join to party (room-sharing makes the hotel so gloriously affordable). I screwed up on booking the room at first and only got the hotel for Thursday through Saturday but was able to get it extended to Sunday without any hassle.

So I’ve submitted for a Media Badge for the event in the hope of covering it similar to how I covered PlayStation Experience. I’m also putting the feelers out for other options if needed so we’ll what happens. A few of us were already planning on trying to do PAX East in April so I’ve been keeping an eye on that as well. But this impromptu gathering of friends is exciting! Sean kept blaming me for leading him to make bad decisions.

“Life is a series of horrible decisions and incredible memories,” I retorted.

I’m sure that’s paraphrased from someone far more clever than me but I like it nonetheless.

And tomorrow, I’ll go back to researching the schedule and coming up with a plan of action for covering Trevor Trove’s first PAX.

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