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The Favorite Games List was a recurring feature originally published on Trevor Trove. This installment originally debuted on November 26, 2015

Another short entry on this Thanksgiving Day. In the last post we looked at my favorite games on the Sega Genesis, so now let’s dive into their handheld: the battery-draining machine that was the… 

My actual Game Gear and the three games that survived years of family yard sales.
My actual Game Gear and the three games that survived years of family yard sales.

Game Gear

And aside from the Sonic games mentioned last time, I really only had one reason to drain six AA batteries at a time…

Mortal Kombat – “Holy crap! Look at all that blood!!!” was not something I could really say for fear of my mom taking the Game Gear away. But damn it was fun to play as Sub-Zero or Scorpion and just brutally murder the other kombatants in glorious 16-bit handheld color. It definitely kept me away from that boring old Game Boy until the Game Boy Color came around because when it came to the hyper-violent photo-realism of Mortal Kombat versus the seven different shades of grey blocks in Tetris, there really wasn’t any comparison. Given how much I would play this back then, my folks probably made the right call investing in the AC Adapter rather than $1,000 worth of AAs.

And that’s all I really remember about our bulky Game Gear. It was great that the handheld had color graphics but – as alluded to above – then the Game Boy Color came out and had more games for my sister and I to enjoy. So our Game Gear got packed up in storage, only to be trotted out decades later to be buried in a Thanksgiving Day post on an internet blog.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving if you live in the states, or a nice Thursday if not!

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